Print to SAMSUNG ML-3312ND

To print to the SAMSUNG ML-3312ND you need:

  • Generic Linux drivers
  • SAMSUNG (now HP) Unified Linux printer drivers Print Driver (Driver) ver.V1.00.27.04 - Linux (MULTI LANGUAGE, 15.44 MB) 
  • CUPS

Try these steps:

  1. Download and decompress ULD_V1.00.27.04.tar.gz
  2. Copy


    and set ownership, permissions, and SELinux context like the other filters in that directory


  3. Copy


Trombone group music

  • DUBENSKY,Arcady (b. Vyatka, Russia, (now the Republic of Tatarstan) 15 Oct.1890; d.Tenafly, NJ.14 Oct. 1966)Concerto Grosso for Three Trombones and Tuba(1949)
  • “The Star-Spangled Banner” arranged by Master Sgt. Wes Ballenger.
  • “Overture to Candide” by Leonard Bernstein, arranged by Master Sgt. Wes Ballenger.
  • “A Simple Song” from Mass by Leonard Bernstein, arranged by Master Sgt. Wes Ballenger, featuring vocalist Staff Sgt. Jeremy Cady.
  • Upgrade Drupal by using a patch file

    From Last updated August 27, 2012. Created on January 15, 2009. Edited by fuerst, lukas.fischer, adellefrank, rezboom.

    The standard procedure to upgrade Drupal to the latest release is to download it from and follow the included UPGRADE.txt. For administrators using the UNIX shell, it may be easier by using a patch file instead. To follow the procedure described below you need the diff and patch commands which are available at most LINUX distributions.

    Passmark results


    • PINTO: 1917.4
    • TEMPEST: 1794
    • AMX:


    PassMark Rating
        #1 - Z170 Gaming K6    5741
        #2 - GA-990FXA-UD3    2356
        #3 - H97M-D3H    2604
        #4 - GA-78LMT-USB3 6.0    3064
        #5 - H81M-HD3    3941
        #6 - 0NJT03    2241
        This Computer    1917

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