WebSphere install prerequisites

By gill, 22 July, 2007

Install the following packages on any hardware operating system:

This package is required for C++ runtime compatibility. It is used by components such as Global Security Kit (GSKit), the Java 2 Software Development Kit (SDK), and the Web server plug-ins.
This package is required by IBM HTTP Server. Some of the modules use the libraries that are contained within this package.
This package is required by the Java 2 SDK to provide printing functions for graphical user interfaces. Without this package, Swing-based applications and AWT-based applications, such as InstallShield for Multiplatforms (ISMP), cannot instantiate. If you do not install this Red Hat Package Manager (RPM), the WebSphere Application Server installers displays a message indicating that the installer is unable to run in graphical mode.
This package is required by ISMP to properly register products within the RPM database.