Workload Scheduler power users: You need rlwrap

By gill, 8 November, 2020

If you use the Linux shell very much, you find its history functions very useful. You can recall previous commands very easily, just using the arrow keys.
If you use the Workload Scheduler command-line interfaces, conman and composer, you really miss the history. Sure there's the redo command, but its editing capability is limited to the last command you typed.
Enter the rlwrap command. With rlwrap, you give shell-type history functions to almost any command-line utility. rlwrap is a wrapper around the GNU readline library.
To use rlwrap, simply prepend your command with it. For example,

rlwrap conman

Now you can use the up-arrow key to recall the last command, and edit it, with vi-style keys. You can even use Ctrl-R to reverse-search your history to retrieve a command.
You can install rlwrap from your distro's repository (with yum, zypper, apt-get, etc.). On RedHat Enterprise, you must first configure the Fedora EPEL repository.

Next: setting this up with Workload Scheduler CLI's.