Microcontroller comparison

By gill, 26 December, 2017
Name CPU Mem TImers Serial comm ADC GPIO      
MSP430F5529 25Mhz, 16bit 128k Flash, 8k RAM 4x16bit with PWM I2C, UART, SPI 14ext/2int 12-bit        
MSP432P401R   256K   I2C, UART, SPI 14-bit 1MSPS        

C5000 Audio Capacitive Touch BoosterPack w/MSP430G2553


Adafruit Trinket M0 (Atmel ATSAMD21E18) 48Mhz 32bit Cortex M0 256K flash 32K RAM   SPI, I2C, PWM   5      

The Audio Capacitive Touch BoosterPack allows quick evaluation and simplified design of audio capacitive touch products and includes:

  • BoosterPack board with ultra-low-power C5000 DSP for crystal clear playback and recording of MP3 audio and video files
  • microSD card pre-programmed with the DSP function code -- MP3 playback, record and music storage (file storage)
  • Mini-USB cable for connection with a computer to power up the system
  • Stereo single-jack headset connector (supports stereo/mono headphones with built-in mic)
  • Initial demo headset with integrated microphone
  • MSP430G2553 Value Line Microcontroller pre-programmed with the ACTBP host demo application – this will replace the MSP430 on the separate LaunchPad (not included).
  • Supported by a user interface for OLED display and MP3 playback/record application APIs
  • Capacitive touch scroll wheel, proximity sensor and on-board LEDs
  • Supported by a complete capacitive touch software library
  • USB mass storage device capability for the microSD card with provided USB cable
  • OLED display (monochrome, 96×16 pixels)
  • Quick Start Guide included