Mozilla Thunderbird add-ons

Addressbooks Synchronizer 0.9.0
Contacts Sidebar 0.7.1
DictionarySearch 3.0.0
Duplicate Contact Manager 0.6
FoxClocks 2.5.11
Get all mails 1.0.9
Mail Redirect .07.4
NestedQuote Remover 0.8.1
Quote Colors 0.2.8
Remove Duplicate Messages 0.1.06
SmartSave Thunderbird Extension
Thunderbird Message Filter Import/Export

Installing zoneminder on Fedora 10

Install Fedora 10 (I used the Mauriat Miranda's Guide):
You may need to put /var on a separate file system. I ran out of inodes when my SQL database and event filters filled the file system of inodes before running out of space. I chose to create an xfs filesystem for /var (we'll see if that holds)
Zoneminder needs mySQL and Apache, so install them if you didn't during the F10 install; I also like phpMyAdmin:
yum -y install mysql-server httpd phpMyAdmin

My push mower is broken

It's a Craftsman EZ^3 part number 917.376350
The carburetor needs a clean and/or rebuild, but which parts to order?
The engine is a Tecumseh, but which model? It's Sears model 143.976500 if that helps.
One site claims it's a VLV65-502506B (I think it's right).
I can't find any carb kits that look remotely correct. I guess I'll go take it apart and see what I can salvage.

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