My push mower is broken

It's a Craftsman EZ^3 part number 917.376350
The carburetor needs a clean and/or rebuild, but which parts to order?
The engine is a Tecumseh, but which model? It's Sears model 143.976500 if that helps.
One site claims it's a VLV65-502506B (I think it's right).
I can't find any carb kits that look remotely correct. I guess I'll go take it apart and see what I can salvage.

Asus M2NPV-VM motherboard DVI problems

I don't see any output from the DVI port on this motherboard. But I think it may be due to the fact that I'm using a DVI-to-VGA converter on a "regular" CRT monitor.
Here is the closest resolution I found so far:

Problem solved. I found this post from this same forum

Errors when updating fishparts

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Errors installing drupal 5.0 on bluediamondsjazz

These are the errors

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